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Name Alphatech Co., Ltd.
Address Shiba 2-chome Daimon Bld. 2-3-3
Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014 JAPAN
Telephone(main): 03(5443)2448
Date of Foundation April 10,1992
Legal Capital 30 million yen
Representative Kyoko Kosaka, Representative Director
Shareholders Teruo Kosaka


April 1992 The Company, formerly a department of Mitsubishi Aluminum Company, Ltd. specializing in the engineering of silencers, is founded as an independent engineering company. As an independent entity, the company plans to make use of its comprehensive capabilities in planning,
design and implementation of noise and vibration
prevention technologies, as well as its record as a developer of numerous highly economic, highquality devices for noise elimination and prevention.(Legal capital : 10 million yen)
April 1995 The Company enters into a cooperation agreement
concerning amenity-type design with Mitsubishi Aluminum Company, Ltd., and begins designing protective fences and railings for roads and bridges.
June 1996 The Company increases its legal capital to 15 million yen.
April 2001 The management of the silence enterprise of Mitsubishi Aluminum Company, Ltd. is transferred to our company.
June 2001 The Company increases its legal capital to 30 million yen.


( 1 ) Engineering relating to the prevention of noise and vibration(including investigation, measurement, analysis, and proposal of countermeasures )
( 2 ) Planning of noise reduction solutions for various equipment, and design and manufacturing of silencing devices
(a)Equipment in power stations, plants, and factories
(b)Ventilating equipment installed in tunnels
(c)Ventilating equipment installed in subways
(d)Ventilating equipment installed in underground parking lots
(e)Other equipment
( 3 ) Development of new technologies and products for the prevention of noise and vibration
( 4 ) Design and manufacturing of ventilating equipment
( 5 ) Design and manufacturing of building materials, and the
development of new products thereof
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