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 As a result of technological innovations, large gas turbine power generators now demonstrate dramatically improved efficiency, and have been adopted in city power plants that embody a new era in energy conservation. Alphatech's sound reduction technologies play an important role in these power facilities as well. We have developed a silencer that combines two types of sound-absorbing splitters, to effectively reduce both the high-frequency and low-frequency noise generated by gas turbines. These silencers are only half the length of conventional units, a huge advantage for city power plants where space is at a premium. Outstanding strength and durability ensure safe operations even under harsh conditions, and ease of installation contributes to dramatic cost reductions.


▲ Gas turbine intake with newly designed silencer


▲ High-frequency
noise absorption splitter
(50mm thickness)
  ▲ Medium/low-frequency
noise absorption splitter
(200mm thickness)
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